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Six Beliefs That Make Anything Possible

Choose your mindset. Commit to your dreams. Surround yourself with positive energy. Climb over the obstacles you encounter. Embrace failure as part of the process. And trust that what you need will show up. When you do that, anything is possible

Lead Yourself to Mastery in Your Life and Business

When we master something we get a sense of satisfaction, we feel proud and we are excited about it. It is such a great feeling. That is why aiming toward mastery gives you the anticipation that you are working toward controlling your life, your business and ultimately your destiny. Wouldn’t you want to hold the position of mastery in your life? I know I sure do!

The 60 Minute Strategic Plan That Can Change Your Life in 2014

“Man, I can’t believe the holidays are almost here. I haven’t accomplished half of what I wanted to this year. Where did the time go?” As a success coach, I work with overwhelmed corporate professionals all the time who have over-packed schedules that keep them on a never-ending hamster wheel. Sure, they’re moving, but they’re not getting anywhere near where they want to be. If this rings true for you, it doesn’t mean the pattern has to continue into next year. With some strategic planning, you can get off the hamster wheel, and get on the road to achieving your dreams. Following is some insight into how to do it – in about an hour.

Understand Your Habits Before You Define Your Goals

Goal setting can only be effective if we are prepared to take the steps necessary to reach them. This usually requires specific action steps and may involve breaking habitual behaviour, doing new things, or doing things differently to how we did them before. That’s why it’s important to understand our habits and how they may try to dictate our behaviour and derail all our best-laid plans, if we are not aware of them and in control of the situation; to understand our habits we have to take a look at how the brain works…

Why Your Goals Need Space

Once you name what you need to let go, define your action steps. Be honest with yourself and don’t judge. And then take consistent action so you can create space for your goals, resolutions, and intentions to take hold.

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