Tony Robbins Motivational Speeches – Take a Chance to Breakthrough

The Art Of Accurate Thinking And Action

Accurate thought and action combined, never depends on luck, but they always depend on boldness of persistence, not so much skill or talent. Also, it especially depends on the definite results wanted combined with the boldness of persistence. It will not all take care of itself, you or anyone taking the action have to be persistent and bold as mentioned in the first sentence.

A Revolution of Resolutions

So it’s about that time where those resolutions we excitedly committed to at the beginning of the year are nearly extinct. Yes, in fact, nearly one-third of those who jump on the resolution bandwagon don’t ever make it past the first 30 days.

From Setting Goals to Creating Intentions and All the Resolutions In Between

As we approach the beginning of March, how are you doing on your resolutions? As I look back on the last few weeks and take inventory, I am happy to say I am doing very well. Of course the key for me this year is I didn’t set any resolutions. I didn’t set any goals either. Instead, I set intentions.

Finding the Motivation to Change

Fear often prevents us from making the changes we want in our lives. Finding the motivation to change can be difficult, but if you change where your motivation comes from you can make the positive changes you have been seeking in your life.

The Number One Trait of All Successful People

Whether you admit it or not, everyone wants to be successful. Success is fun and a lot better than the alternative! There is one trait that is shared by all successful people and it makes all the difference in the world. You can have it too. You can be successful.

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