Tony Robbins Motivational Speeches – TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF | Mel Robbins, Jordan Peterson 2021

Deciding Your Future

What do I want to do with my life? What do I really love doing? I know that I need to earn an income to support myself and my family. But what skills do I have? What skills do I need to develop in order to accomplish and enjoy what I do with my life? What can I do to decide?

Mindset Shifts That Can Help You Reach Your Goals

This article is an account of some personal insights I’ve had during my time as an entrepreneur. I share 3 key strategies that have served me well in the past and that I constantly remind myself of when I get stuck.

Where Are the Gaps?

In anything we want to be, do or have in our personal or professional lives, we need to set concrete and doable goals. Typically this is the time of year that most of us revisit those New Year resolutions and some actually start to focus on things that want to accomplish for the upcoming year.

How to Use Self Reflection to Achieve Your Goals

Life is becoming fast paced, in fact, our lives have never been busier then we are today, and this is the number one reason why we need to master the power of self-reflection. What are the benefits of self-reflection? How can self-reflection enable me to achieve my goals and new years resolutions?

How to Live Debt-Free and Enjoy Life

There are millions of people all over the world that wish they were debt free and enjoying their life, but in many cases it sometimes is impossible to achieve this type of life. I have learned that anything is possible if you really think it over and make a plan and stick to it until you have achieved this lifestyle of being debt free and happy.

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