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The Game of Opposites and the Art of Surrendering

Surrendering is not giving up on your goal; surrendering takes courage, patience, and humility. When you surrender, you don’t necessarily change the goal but the way you view that goal and how it fits into the totality of your life. We must practice the art of surrendering in our daily lives and understand how the Law of Opposites can be used to help us reach our goals and understand the world around us.

6 Tips to Organizing Your Closet

“Have your clothes taken over your closet? Organize your closet Today!

The Power Behind Setting Goals

We all have dreams and aspirations. The article is about setting goals in a way to achieve something that most people dream about. You can do anything you put your mind to.

What Happens When You Fail To Achieve Your Goals?

There is nothing wrong in failing. It happens with everyone some time or the other; but starting with this thinking amounts to “planning to fail”. In the long run, the issue is not that of failing; but what do you do after that! Here is a concise guide to help you face the reality and move ahead…

Setting Goals – My 6 Point Plan

Setting goals is much more than simply compiling a ‘to do’ list. Whether for personal or business reasons the method for achieving your goals, if followed correctly, is extremely effective.

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