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Goals – And the Biggest Lie Ever Told

So, what is the big lie? The big lie is that if you work hard you will be successful. The big lie is that hard work causes success. The big lie is that there is a direct cause and effect relationship between working really hard and becoming successful.

Give 110%? Puh-Leeze

When we ask for or offer 110% we know it isn’t true when we speak the words. So what do we mean? Do we mean 85%, or 60%, maybe 45%? Do we mean anything at all? Or – are artificial commitments like this just ways to avoid making real, specific and measurable commitments that we might actually be held accountable for.

Personal Excellence: How to Join the Top 20 Percent

The awesome thing about the Top 20 is everyone there started at the Bottom 20. Those successful people did something different with their time, talents, strengths and money. That put them on the road to financial success.

Why Do We Always Fall Short of Our Goals?

Do you have a long list of New Years Resolutions that you never completed? Did you set goals for yourself long ago and didn’t even start them? Well you’re not the only one who has fallen short of accomplishing aspirations. This happens to just about everyone and this article covers the reasons why.

Three Keys That Can Change Your Life and Career

In this article, I talk about three keys involved to make positive changes in their lives and careers. Reading this article may help you see the importance of getting involved with making important decisions and commitments to improve your position in life.

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