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Even Health Care Professionals Need a Wellness Plan!

Is creating a list of health care career goals fairly easy for you, while making your own wellness goals a priority seems very difficult? Many nurses and other health care professionals get so focused on helping patients (or leading/teaching those who do), they don’t even think about taking good care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. They get so caught up in the daily push to complete a long list of tasks and maybe continuing their education that their careers start to take over their lives!

Why Seek Motivational Seminars and Keynotes Services?

In today’s world, employees are so distant from each other and often disengaged from the work they do, that they cannot find any inspiration to work as a team and produce good results. They might not receive the feeling of belonging within the organization due to a lack of interaction with the people around them. They might even be feeling lost and aimless because of a crisis.

Living in the Problem? Try Living in the Solution!

You promised yourself you would lose that weight, go to the gym, get in shape to join your friends in a much vaunted walk-a-thon. Yet here you are, six months later, one month away from the walk-a-thon, and you’ve only lost a couple of pounds.

Ten Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Ten Ways to help boost your morale and motivate you. Here are some effective tips that will help you whenever you need to pick yourself up!

The Wheel of Life

Setting goals can have an unbalancing effect on your life if you only focus on one area at a time. You need to realize that life has a balance to it. The Wheel of Life can help you see that balance.

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