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7 Keys to Building New Habits and Taming Your Lizard Brain

Breaking habits is tough work. Whether you want to quit smoking, stop procrastinating or get off the couch, it’s tough row to hoe. Your amygdala is frequently referred to as your lizard brain and it’s standing in your way. It’s the oldest part of your brain and where your fear lives. When you get on a bike for the first time in ten, er, twenty years, your amygdala kicks in and remembers how to ride the bike. It also brings along all the emotions that go with it. I remember when I broke my arm at age 13 while riding my bike down Majestic Court with my friend Wendy. It’s all there – one pedal at a time, balancing, the asphalt, the road rash, the trip to the ER, and the cast on my arm – one big sloppy sack of memory. And my amygdala is happy to bring it up every time I think about riding a bike.

Where Is The Compass Of Your Life

Do you have the compass of your life with you? or you are being hit by situations and driven by life? Having a mission of life can set you in the right direction, and, trust me, life will never be the same again.

7 Keys to Successful Planning and Goal-Setting

I think there are 7 keys which make a big difference for successful planning and goal-setting. For instance, think BIG! and look at your whole life. Be clear why each goal is important to you.

14 Tips for an Unstuck 2014

14 foundational tools, practices, and principles we all need to get unstuck and/or stay unstuck so we can keep going on those goals, intentions, and plans. Here’s to a healthy, happy and unstuck 2014!!!

Society Is Breeding Sheep in an Era Where We Need More Wolves!

‘Life is a series of near misses… what we ascribe to luck is not luck at all. It’s seizing the day and accepting responsibility for your future.’ Howard Schultz (Chairman of Starbucks) How the failure to take accountability and act results in more and more ‘sheep’ being produced? Why don’t we see more ‘wolves’ in society today?

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