Tony Robbins Motivational Speeches – WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT

Do Not Wait Until Tomorrow

To win what we really need and want, we must prioritize our actions today, not tomorrow or later. Sure, winning starts with beginning. What happens after we do begin and then need to do something and not exactly want to do it. That Is what this article is about at its core.

Do You Believe These 3 Myths About Goal-Setting?

If you give into these common myths about goal setting you may be setting yourself up for defeat. Learn 3 common myths and the truth to overcome them.

Crossing the Finish Line – Goal Setting and, Most Importantly, Finishing

So it’s one thing to set the goal, it’s a whole other animal to actually finish; to cross the finish line. How many New Year’s resolutions have you not accomplished? Granted, there are folks out there with the stamina and chutzpa to just go run 13.1 miles without any training.

Doing What Needs To Be Done To Achieve Anything We Want

We may love the goals we are trying to achieve with a passion. Until we have to do something that is part of achieving the goal that we do not want to do. That is the point of this article: Doing what needs to be done to achieve what we want in terms that are not uncertain, even if we have to do some things we do not agree with at times.

Got Energy?

Estimating how much time a task will take only gives you half the picture. You also need to consider whether it’s an energy boosting or energy draining activity.

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