Tony Robbins Motivational Speeches – WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE GIVING UP | Gregg Braden, Jocko Willink

How to Get More Done Starting Today

Trying to get anything off the ground without a solid plan will take more of your time and energy than required. Get more done with this goal setting strategy.

You’re Not a Rhinoceros

It takes a minimum of three to six months to make a new behavior permanent. While that’s not much time in an overall life, it can seem like forever when you want to change something now. That’s why it’s important to start with a small step you’re confident you can achieve. And why it’s equally important to be patient!

Putting It Off – What Is Your Procrastination Telling You?

Sometimes procrastination has its place. If you continue to put off tackling tasks or goals that are supposedly important to you, then perhaps it’s time to ask yourself some difficult questions. If something is truly important to us, we will make time for it.

Getting Things Done – GTD

Don’t we all have our deadlines to meet, personally and professionally? Isn’t it a common scenario that you contemplate and decide to complete a certain report over your morning cup of tea, but by the time you reach your office, you are so engrossed in the immediate activities to an extent that, compiling the report literally slips out of your mind.

Forget ‘Visioning’ – Let’s Take Action: Three Steps to Moving Past Barriers and Overwhelm, Part 1

Pick up one of the popular self-help books written on the topic of achievement in the last 10 years and chances are you will find a thick section devoted to ‘visioning’. That’s the process of creating a visual picture of what you want to achieve. While knowing what you want to achieve is important, these self-help authors typically gloss over the mechanics and benefits of action – both taking the right action and how to overcome the barriers you will inevitably encounter along the way.

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