Tony Robbins Motivational Speeches – Why We Get Hurt Depression

How Do You Set And Achieve Goals?

Anyone who has ever read any article about success or leadership, has consistently read about the importance and significance of goals. How many times have you been told to set goals, or personally felt the need to do so, only to feel frustrated that all too often your goals transform into little more than empty promises or platitudes? Attend almost any motivational or leadership seminar or program, and you’ll be told that you need to set meaningful goals.

How Do YOU Hit A Target With Your Eyes Closed?

Hitting A Target With Your Eyes Closed Is Simple! The first question that may spring to mind when reading the above title is, “How can I hit a target I can’t see?

Money and Goals – A Spoiler Alert

Of course, money is important to almost all of us. We need it to live. But is it important for the right reasons? By asking this question alongside the results of a survey ‘The Top Five Regrets of the Dying’, the article gets to the core of what people really finally feel about money, despite their conflicting behaviour while living.

Talk Is Cheap – Walk The Walk This New Year

The new year is upon us! Being a personal trainer I’m looking forward to January, it’s always a busy time for me, meeting new people, who have set new goals and really trying to help them improve. Many people set New Year resolutions, what do you think the percentage is of people who succeed with their goals?

Why Having a Goal Setting Template Is Better Than a New Year’s Resolution

The difference between having a goal and having a new years resolution is TAKING ACTION. Sure the term “taking action” is thrown around at every business and life seminar I have ever been to and it flies over people’s heads as it’s a bit of a cliche! However, a resolution is an intention but a goal is a bulletproof plan that helps you take massive and determined action to accomplish what you really want in life!

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