Tony Robbins Motivational Speeches – YOUR ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING | Jim Rohn, Ed Mylett 2021

Blind and Enjoying It

We sometimes criticize other people, thinking that what they are doing and who they are is weird; but the truth is we are the ones that are weird. We see people disabled people preaching and we say “hmm, that is weird” but in the true sense, we are the ones that are weird. is like we get into this world where we think ” wow, the way they live is so strange”, but it is the way we live that is strange. When you throw $1 bill at people no matter how beneficial that thing is, they try to dodge it, so that it does not hit them, no one is reaching for it. Majority of the world will look at it and think that is crazy; “I can’t believe he just did that”. But maybe if you throw a $100 bill, someone will reach for it, because that is like a day’s wage. Is it weird that you make $4000 a month, 100 times the amount an average person makes on the street? Or is it not weirder when you see people making a 100 times of what you make and you still hear them complain of money?

MVP Goals

The reason why people don’t achieve their goals is because they have not take the time to discover their mission, vision and purpose in life. By developing a mission, vision and purpose statement for their lives, people can now set and achieve goals that are in alignment with their mission, vision and purpose in life.

Believe in Your Dreams and You Will Succeed

You don’t have to have self confidence in every aspect of your life to be successful or happy – BUT you DO need to have self belief in the areas you strive to succeed in. This is why you can be very successful in your career but feel lost in your relationships. Self belief is situation specific.

SMART Goals: Goal Setting Tips

In this month of November – before the holidays are in full swing – it is the perfect time to set goals for the new year! Take a moment and think about what you want to achieve in 2015. If you will do this and follow the practice below of making them SMART goals, when the new year rolls around, you will find that you are well on your way to achieving them!

Time for New Beginnings

It can feel almost automatic to hold onto the past. We may not really enjoy it, but it’s what we know, and it can feel easier than making the changes that our necessary to living more fulfilling, joyous, meaningful lives. After a while, the past can seem to take on a life of its own, gaining control and momentum and leaving us feeling like we are under its power. How can you start to let it go?

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