Tony Robbins Relationships – How to Rebuild a Broken Relationship

What to Do When You Feel Like Quitting

Do you find yourself ready to give up on your goals and dreams. Before you throw in the towel and admit defeat, discover how you can succeed at achieving your goals.

Big Results From Small Beginnings

Big things that were built strong invariably had small, underwhelming beginnings. The key to life change and the achievement of goals is bearing any initial discouragement and distraction admirably.

Never Wait For A Miracle, Work For A Miracle

When the miracle does not happen, it does not mean that it will not happen, try a few more times in different ways and it will happen right. If the miracle did not happen, it just means that it is not the ideal time for it. Let me explain.

Planning and Productivity – Strange Bedfellows

Let’s say you’ve taken your worn-out resolution and super-charged it into a specific, measurable, time-sensitive goal. You’ve written it down in the form of a positive affirmation. You’ve visualized how you’re going to feel once that goal is complete. You even have a pretty good idea of how you’re going to accomplish your goal. You’ve made a list of action steps. And, you’re excited! Now what?

At Any Time of the Year: Resolutions No! Intentions Yes!

Resolutions are a pass/fail paradigm. Whereas intentions are about positivity and movement forward in your life. Movement involves effort on your part but also once begun takes on a life of its own. Aiding you in your success.

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