Tony Robbins Speeches – Why Success Breeds Success

Six Questions to Ask As You Do a Monthly Goals Review

I do a monthly goals review every month before I set goals for the new month ahead. I find that it helps me take stock of what went well and why, and what I need to work on. I like to think that if I’m 4 months into the year, then technically I should be a third of the way through my goals. Well, I know it’s not that simple or straightforward but it helps to have something to aim towards. But now, go through these questions with me and answer them honestly. I’ll give you some examples of a typical monthly review for me below the questions.

Goal Setting Tips: Success Leaves Clues, Want One?

‘Success leaves clues’ is one of those stock phrases used by personal development legend Tony Robbins in his talks and seminars. However, not only does success leave clues but it also actually needs them too when it comes to the mad science of goal setting! But what kind of clues exactly does success leave and why does it need these clues in order to set future goals? Read on to find out more about this intriguing goal setting tip!

How To Set Your Objectives And Reach Them

What do you mean with objective? Ok, so basically, if you are reading this line it means that somehow you give at least a minimum of importance in objectives setting in your life. But when you say I want to set an objective, what’s your intention exactly? What do you expect from yourself to accomplish?

Put Your Goals in Writing

Writing down your fitness goals is an excellent way to stay focused and remind yourself of why you are putting in all of the effort. Follow the SMART guidelines to ensure the goals are clearly stated and achievable. Choose to write them in a private or public manner, whichever works best for you.

Using Short Term Goals As Checkpoints

This year the first day of October fell on a Monday. Why am I mentioning this? It was the start of a new week, month and quarter. What better day to reflect on what you’ve accomplished to date and what goals to set ahead of you.

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