Why the Economic Downfall is the Most Lucrative and Profitable Time to Start a Business

Goal Setting in Three Steps

Goal setting can be overwhelming and difficult for many people. We read stories about all the steps to make sure you are setting goals properly. If you find goal setting difficult then I want to give you a surefire three-step goal setting process.

The POWER to Get Your Goals – Part 1 – ‘Be Positive’

You cannot get what you want until you know what it is. You cannot get what you do not want, simply because, you are only good at getting what you want, so you definitely are able to not get what you don’t want!

Goal Setting – Tips for Breaking Down Your Goals

Most of us have no problem setting goals. We get excited about goal setting every year as the calendar changes to the new year. Why is it that over ninety percent of those goals never get achieved?

Is Fear Holding You Back? Why Not Take One Step at a Time!

All journeys have the same single purpose – to get from one place to another place. Often we can arrive at the destination without giving it a second thought, it just seems to happen. Sometimes the place where we would like to be seems impossible to reach – our internal map cannot determine how to get there. In these times we seem to be stuck in the same old place, inexplicably unable to move. Bewilderment sets in. What prevents a person from getting to the place they would prefer to be? Basically fear, in particular fear of the unknown. Yet, some places are just states of mind.

On Goal Setting: Be SMART But Eat Your SMARTI’s Too

This article argues that when setting goals, it’s important to make sure they inspire us. While there is value in following the old SMART goal formula (which holds that goals must be “specific”, “measurable”, “achievable”, “relevant”, and “time bound”), what this formulation is missing is an element that makes sure our goals evoke an emotional response in us — that they “inspire” us. By turning SMART goals into SMARTI’s, our goals become more meaningful, fun, and motivational. As a result, we are far more likely to achieve them. In the end, SMART goals are fine, but only SMARTI’s inspire us into action.

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