WINNERS NEVER QUIT – Jim Rohn Motivation

From Stuck to Unstuck

Have you ever been stuck? Stuck in a job you didn’t like? Stuck in a relationship that is no good for you?

The Goal Setting Reality

We all learn we need to write down our goals as part of the goal setting process, but most miss a couple important elements. Goal setting is a process sort of like making cake or cookies from scratch. You miss any ingredients and you not have cake or cookies.

Leaving Behind a Legacy: Middle Aged Men

A man was once asked, “Don’t you want to leave a legacy?” The man responded, “Not if I have to die first!”

10 Simple Steps For Creating and Accomplishing Resolutions – Goals That Stick

What will you accomplish, who will you become, how will you impact those around you in? When most people think about a Resolution there are 3 main areas of concern: Relationships, Health, and Finances. All are connected, all are intertwined and each area will affect the other when any amount of improvement or devastating circumstances arises.

How To Stop Being Shy In 5 Simple Steps

You will find many things in life that have simple steps to help you achieve your goals. Change does not always happen instantly, but over a period of time, others will notice a huge difference. Having a plan always makes your goal more achievable. I want to give you a few steps to get you started. If you start to use these tips, you will be on your way to stop being shy.

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