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7 Memorable Steps To Accomplish Your 2014 Goals

Let me be honest with you. I HAVE A HARD TIME STAYING FOCUSED. Whew, it feels good to get that out (more on this later). Just last week, my husband, Wil, and I finished putting onto paper our major business goals for 2014.

Seven Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fall Apart

How to avoid seven common goal de-railers so you can keep your goals on track and achieve what’s most important to you. If you’d like to keep your resolutions on track this year, be sure you’re not getting tripped up by these 7 pitfalls.

12 Magical Steps To Make New Years Resolutions Come True

Most New Years resolutions lose steam in January. In this how-to article, the author reveals his “12 Magical Steps” designed to make New Years resolutions stick. Learn how to create and implement your resolutions step-by-step in a way that will create results, both long and short term!

4 Steps to Get More Balance Into Your Life

Increasing your sense of balance takes more than sweeping declarations and wholehearted hopes. You need a definition of success, specific action steps, and a way to measure progress so you have something tangible to manage.

New Year’s Resolution Stats That Will Shock You!

How many days into January do you think it will be before you’re asked about your resolutions for 2014? If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life that’s great, however try to avoid being culturally pressured into setting yourself up to fail.

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